Spa Day at The Ballantyne Hotel

The last few months have been filled with family vacations and adventures around Charlotte just trying to keep the kids engaged during the summer months.  I have to share a little bit about my favorite part of the summer thus far- The Ballantyne Hotel Spa! It had been recommended to me from almost every person in Charlotte, so I had to go and try it. Since the services aren’t cheap, I wanted to give you the full details before you head there for your next spa day.


Carolina Lavender Package

The Carolina Lavender Package includes:

• 50-minute Carolina Lavender Signature Wrap
• 50-minute Carolina Lavender Signature Massage
• 80-minute Carolina Lavender Signature Pedicure
• 50-minute Carolina Lavender Signature Manicure
• One Carolina Lavender cocktail (non-alcoholic blend is also available, but I was able to have my glass of Sauv Blanc 🙂


My massage therapist used locally grown lavendar aromatherapy and just the right amount of pressure with hot stones for a full 50 minutes. She obviously noticed my scar on my back, and identified what type of surgery and type of curvature I had (I tend to forget about it myself since my scar is on my back).  She was very careful and attentive to my needs, I seriously almost feel asleep.


The message was wonderful but I need to tell you about the wrap.  The wrap was my favorite! The trainer explained to me that he was going to give me “A Grandmother Scrub” (stay with me here), I would then take a very hot shower, and then he was going to wrap me and give me a foot and scalp message.  So when he said Grandmother scrub he meant he wasn’t going to leave an inch of dead skin on my body! After the scrub and shower was done, I laid down on the message table and got ready for the wrap.  That is when I died and went to sensory heaven.  He swaddled me like a baby in warm blankets, so tight that my muscles just melted! You guys, I now understand why our babies just drift off into a calming sleep when we swaddle them. I wonder if hubby will start swaddling me after a crazy day with the kids.


Since I had the Carolina Lavender Package I was able to explore the spa, indoor pool, as well as the outdoor pool from 8 am-8pm. So after my services were done I headed out to the pool to enjoy some lunch and a cold glass of wine.  I ordered the Bento Box style Salmon with ramp vinaigrette. It was delicious, but I was starving since my services were back to back so next time I think I’ll schedule my appointments very early or with a break in between to eat.  Oh and a little tip, the food tends to take 30 minutes to get to you since it’s coming from the Gallery Restaurant.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


The aesthetics, service, and food at The Ballantyne Spa was everything people chalk it up to be.  The next time your itching for a spa day or vacation you do NOT need to leave the 704.

Phone: (704) 248-4000
Starwood Worldwide Reservations: (800) 325-3589
The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge, 10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway,
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277
twitter: @ballantynehotel
instagram: #ballantynehotel

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