Matching Mommy and Me Outfits

Halloween just past, Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and Christmas card season is right now.  I’ve been getting tons of requests from all you mamas out there about family pictures! What do we wear?! Do we match? What do I wear? Do you recommend a theme? How do I find something for both my girls to wear that will coordinate?

Christmas photos 2

Head back to this post to see all the options I picked for Christmas family photos. One question I did not hit in that post was TWINNING.  You know I love a good mother daughter twin session.  And I have a secret I’ve been holding in because I want it all to myself.  But since you took the time to read this and I love you, here it goes…….

Christmas Photo 4

Target girls section.  There I said it.  I shop the Target girls section (like a lot).  I know what you’re thinking, it’s because you think I’m tiny.  But I promise if you can fit in their adult Small or Medium, you will be able to fit their girls size 16 or even 14.  So when I was looking for twinning outfits for Colette and I, Target girls section was the perfect place.


Christmas Photos

Our Shirts                         Our Skirts

We might not be able to use these photos for our family Christmas cards because well for one, Myles isn’t in any and two we really like our Christmas cards of just the kiddos.  So we’ll have to have Amanda Schultz do another amazing round of photos (head to my IG to see all the photos she took of us with two cranky kids and 45 minutes to get it done).

Christmas Cards 3

So stay tuned for our next photoshoot and wait for more twinning suggestions.



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