Gift Guide | MIL

This gift guide is for the mother-in-law! This is always the number one question I get when I ask what gift guide you want to see. And I understand why,  you want to show her how much you appreciate all she dose for you and your kids, she was the one who raised the one your forever valentine, and well she’s not your mom so you don’t know what the heck to get her!

There are different kinds of mother in laws.  Doesn’t mean one is better than the other, just that they are different.  My mother is different than my mother in law, my brother’s mother in law, and my sister in law’s mother.  There are just different kinds of mother in laws so I broke down the different kinds of gift guides according to the kind of mother in law you you might have. 

The First Time MIL

This is gift guide is assuming you have given her the best gift of all, making her a grandmother! Here is all she’ll want for Christmas. 

Grandchildren’s initial bracelet, earrings, or necklace. 
Whenever she gets a complement on her jewelry she will have the right to brag about her grandkids. 


If your mother-in-laws is amazing in the kitchen or cleaning well here are a few gifts she’ll love.

Softmesh Cleaning Mesh
This is the ONLY gift you need to give this mom!! I have tried this product and I promise she will LOVE you for it. 

The Frequent Flyer MIL

Have a MIL that comes to visit as much as she can?! Well here’s a way to make her next travel to come see you a little bit easier. 

Cosmetic bag                                       Luggage                                                         Cocktail Kit

The Country Club MIL

So she likes being apart of a high society and will buys your kids nice gifts. But you have no idea what to get her because she already has everything? I’ve got you.

A G.G.

This is my mother.  She wants to know everything while respecting your privacy, buys your kids everything they need (like swim lessons) and tells you how badly she screwed up as a mom to reassure  you you’re doing great.  Since she’s so buys taking care of others all the time it’s best to give her a little me time as a gift. Get her a gift card to her favorite spa. 

The Fashionista

Is your MIL silently judging how many times you’ve shown up in your spanx legging? If she is a fashionista, she definitely is. Here’s a few things she’ll love to get and just might share with you.

Poncho                                                            Hat                                                                       Bag

The Drinker

Pay attention to what she drinks; coffee, tea, wine….and then go all out! 

 Wine                                                         Coffee                                                            Tea

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