Merry Flocking Christmas

This week we went out to get our Christmas tree and it was a total flop! Prices are up and selection is slim, literally.  This years Christmas Trees were planted in 2009 (the recession) so if that explains it, but we did not get a tree.  We’ve decided to make a whole day of it and supporting a local tree farm.  Anyways,  I have gotten so many mixed reviews about this sweater.  I think it’s meant to be an ugly Christmas sweater but I actually like it as a festive sweater.  I’ve already worn it to work and got a ton of compliments and then a few “ummmmm”. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Como Vintage

After doing some research since I bought this sweater from BJ’s while picking up all the things, I couldn’t believe it.  This sweater was $70 and it’s made by Como Vintage (a brand carried by Nordstrom).  So for $11 it’s a good deal! 

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BJ’s Wholesale for the win

My kids love snuggling me in this sweater and I love wearing it because it’s so cozy and festive! Either way go out and snag it while it’s still available! Since I couldn’t not find the darn thing anywhere on the web, here’s a few like it. 


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