How to Wear a Sweater Over a Dress

Every time I wear  the sweater over a dress trend, I get tons of compliments. I’ve been trying this combination a lot this season and now it’s my go to outfit for any social gathering. It requires minimal thinking  but I promise will garners you a ton of compliments every time you wear it. 

Sweater and Dress Details Here

This dress that I wore to the South Park Mall Influencer’s Brunch was a tighter fitted sweater but longer so it worked with the flared silk dress I wore underneath (click above to shop).  The collar of the dress kept slipping down so you can’t see it, but that’s what you get with mixing cashmere and silk. 

South Park Mall Influencer Event. Shop my boot here. And they’re 40% off.


There is a bit of a science to this look.  You can’t take any sweater and put it over any dress.  I  prefer to wear a loose fitted sweater with a ladylike  (florals, lace, silk or any very feminine details you will see peeking out under the sweater) dress.  

Second Formula

Another way to pull off this look is to wear it to look like a sweater and skirt combination.  If you have a floor length/maxi dress putting a crop top sweater over it will pull it all together! If you don’t have a crop top sweater, you can tie the sweater together using a hair tie tuck it in to hide it! 


Don’t forget tights! Black tights paired with the perfect bootie will pull it all together and keep your legs warm during cooler temperatures.  I’ve linked my favorite tights here

Below are the perfect sweater dress mix and matches for you to shop and flaunt at your next event!

Sweater                                                       |                                   Dress

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