George | Emily Jewelry Special

If you know me you know I’ve got a guy.  For almost everything. But my favorite “guy” is George.  He is my jeweler from NYC and he is running a special just for you!! George has been working the diamond district for over 20 years.  He aims to please and takes his work very seriously.  

$401 (normally $1,000) Evil Eye 14KT Black and white diamonds

George and I go way back.  He has done all my wedding jewelry as well as lots of our friends who play in the NHL and AHL.  Everyone who uses George cannot get over how professional he is, how beautiful his pieces turn out, and how low his prices are! 

Arrow Long Necklace $600 (regularly $1,250)  

Each and every piece is made with real diamonds and gold, and can be made in whichever color gold you want! I tried to pick my favorite but I just love them all, they go with anything and are perfect for any occasion. 

18KT Cross pendant $400 (Regularly $800) 18KT Round pendant $630 (Regularly $1,00) Gold and White Gold Diamond Pendant $600 (Regularly $1,200) 

Check out all the pieces below and their amazing prices! If you want to buy one email me at I have a few others that you’ll definitely want to see! Head to my IG stories to see!

This necklace might be my favorite.

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