Love is Love is Love

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Love is Love is Love. It’s 2019, and when Colette came home with her “Daddy Daughter’s dance” invitation all the feelings came up. For one, I think we need to get rid of the gender parent focused activities and two I think the whole daddy daughter date notion is just not for my family. You are a child and not dating, and definitely not dating someone in your family! We’re raising Colette to be a force all on her own, whoever she dates is going to have to deal with her not her dad.

So fast forward to last night! I took Colette to her dance and am so happy I did. I was the only mom there to enjoy the dad air guitar competition and notice there were lots of girls missing from Colette’s class and I couldn’t stop thinking of them and how they (or their families) thought they couldn’t attend. I hope to be on the planning committee next year so that the boys and girls at her school can bring one person they love (no matter what gender) as their chaperone to the dance.

I wore what I thought would be a gender bending outfit. I wore my favorite blazer and favorite fake leather leggings. These leggings are the best because they’re only faux leather in the front leaving your behind smooth (and dimples to themselves). Leggings here and Blazer here.

While we’re on the topic of leather my tother leather necessity is my Belle Bélier tassel necklaces. They help pull any outfit together and not to mention they’re really fun to pet while wearing.

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