Ballet Barre Store Giveaway

Ballet Barre Store is what every little girl (and moms of little girls) dreams are made of. Imagine your little girl (or boy) having their very own ballet bar at home so their imagination can take them to their ballet fantasy world whenever the moment hits them. You don’t have to spends hundreds of dollars every month for your child to express themselves creatively, they can have their own ballet studio right at home. Head to my IG page to see how you can this week!

Colette loves the ballerina wall mounts and practices her “ballet pose” when she sees them. She chose the ballerina in pink but look at all the other options here.

Vita Vibe & Ballet Barre Novelty Barre

Vita Vibe is America’s #1 manufacturer and provider of USA made ballet barres, fitness barres and other related fitness products. You can find their products everywhere, actually you’re probably already using them at your local YMCA or fitness center. Recently they created Ballet Barre Store. The Ballet Barre Store focuses on bringing personalized ballet bars to you, your studio, or your little one. They take your designs and bring it to life.

Customizable to match their personality

Dance has been noted to be a sport that reflects a child’s personality and these barres do too. Your child can choose from unicorns, mermaids, stars, hearts, cats, and even elephants in any color!

Look at all the color and novelty options here!

Twinkle Toes

Colette’s nickname is Twinkle Toes. Obviously she loves dancing and ballet, so when Mat from Ballet Barre Store said we could even get the barre engraved, I knew exactly what to put on it. It was a surprise to Colette, so when she opened the box and read her nickname aloud she squealed. My heart melts every time she reads it allow while dancing.

Feel and high quality steel and powder coating wood as smooth as baby butt! Seriously, when we opened the box (the day after I ordered it) I couldn’t believe how smooth the wood was.

Made in USA

Actually it’s made right in Greenville S.C. Vita Vibe and Ballet Barre Store are made right here in the U.S.A. You know I’m always on the search to support American Made brands. Most ballet barre just outsource all of their work making their prices higher and it takes much longer to get the product to your door.

Quick delivery

Since the barres are made in U.S.A the shipping is FAST! I was worried about Myles being home to install the barre since he had an 11 day road trip coming up two days after I placed the order. But the day after I placed the order, it was on our doorstep!

Easy to install

The barres can come in three different lengths (3foot, 4foot, 5foot). We decided to go with the 4 foot bar as we knew it would fit perfectly in Colette’s room. It was so easy to install, so easy I could have done it. Myles finished the instal from start to finish in less than 10 minutes and Colette even helped out.


I’ve teamed up with Ballet Barre Store to giveaway one of their novelty wall mount barres!! You can look at all the different options on this page!! It’s the perfect giveaway for your little ballerina! Head over to my Instagram page to see all the rules, but most importantly don’t forget to follow Ballet Barre Instagram Page!

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