Luxe Angles

It’s only been three years that we’ve officially been in Charlotte, but I’m starting to think I have this city down pack for all the places to go to eat, shop, sleep, and visit.

You know I try to keep my shopping to a minimal with my sustainable movement BUT when I do shop I am going to make it worth it. I am going to buy pieces that will last and transition with seasons and fast fashion. So when I was looking for a new pair of jeans, I went to the best place to shop for all things denim.

These jeans were like butter and true to size.

Luxe Angles should really be called Charlotte’s denim bar because she has all the denim that you are searching for. Everything is under $100 and the quality is amazing!

The first pair are the Velvet Heart, and the white jeans are the Carly by happi. Don’t worry if you’re not in Charlotte they ship. But the one’s I decided to take home were the bad boys below.

These jeans are just so cute and I love how versatile the look is. You can find them here. They’re the Happi Crop Flare and I LOVE them! We’ll be doing a giveaway next week so head to my Instagram and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it!

Make sure you head over to LUXE Angles and mention that I sent you in ! And don’t forget to give Ruby a kiss from me.

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