Mother’s Day | GOOP

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you’re choosing your own Mother’s Day gift while picking out which is the best online floral delivery service for your own mother. Don’t get me wrong, I love this holiday ( I mean a day to celebrate the day you started getting puked on, losing arguments with a two year old, and naming your stretch marks is a great day) but with our lifestyle this holiday tends to get pushed to the side.

This is Not a Plug.

So when I started researching things to put on the standard “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” I started with GOOP. Hear me out, I did a collaboration with them a year ago for their WHY AM I SO EFFING TIRED? Vitamins. I shit you not these are the best vitamins I’ve ever taken, yes they gave me the vitamins for free (and maybe paid me $30) but I swear by these things. I took a staged photo like the collaboration guidelines required and posted. Then I kept taking the 30 day packets and I LOVED them. Now they are expensive. I haven’t bought them since, hence why I was researching them for a Mother’s Day gift guide. But then it happen….GP and I became best friends with her vibration line.

Breaking the Internet

Ok so if you follow my IG account you know what I got hubby for his birthday, at the grocery store none the less. I am not going to go into the details but I got a LOT of DMs and questions about it. Again, this is for you ladies. Yes it’s for them in a sense because a full belly and empty balls is a great way to keep a happy marriage. But GOOP has a full section on sexual health on her page! Research it, read it, shop it. Again this is not sponsored but I think a healthy sex life results in a health marriage. So enough talking, let’s get to my Mother’s Day | GOOP | Gift Guide.


There is literally no description for this on the website. It’s 14 k GOLD and is $3,499. I’m just going to leave it at that. That’s fancier than anything I would put on or in my body but hey, no judgment. And if I was given it for Mother’s Day I think it would be a Happy Father’s Day as well.

Cashmere Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

After bedtime I would lay this eye pillow right on my face after dinner (that no one ate) bath time (which I had to bleach since someone definitely peed in) and bedtime stories (that I had to read three times).


Again, these vitamins were no joke. I felt energized all day and that was with a 9 mont old! You can buy just one box of 30 or get a subscription. Either way, let me know your thoughts when you try them out.

Pillow Talk

I spray our pillows every night with lavender. It helps me relax and get in my own bedtime routine with a little aroma therapy. I am not big on fragrances but this is a blend of essential oils and botanicals.

Necklace Vibrator

Again, no description on this this one but it’s much cheaper than the first (just $159.00). I am going to just leave this one right here too.


I have a pair just like these and I LOVE THEM. I’m wearing them as I write this post. We’re all getting to our late 30’s and it’s time we moms love our nighttime routine as much as our kiddos do. I know it helps me get a good night’s sleep knowing I have a nice pair of pajamas on.

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