Paperless Post

As you all know we recently moved from Charlotte NC to Buffalo NY. With moving comes a long list of “to-do’s”. One of those to-do’s that actually makes me smile is sending out our moving announcement cards!

Option one for our moving announcement from

Paperless Post

Paperless post is my favorite e-commerce stores that specializes in online and printable cards and stationary. I use them for everything, birth announcements, events, even our Christmas Cards. So when I realized they had modern moving announcements I was so excited to get started!

Option two for our moving announcement from


Paperless post has so many great designs to choose from and even some that you can customize! I added our photos from our recent family photoshoot in the above design and think it makes this announcement that much more special! There are a few other’s I’ve linked up here for you to play with yourself!

Time to Party!

What better way to follow up with your moving announcement than with a Housewarming Party! Most friends and family members need your new address because they want to send a housewarming gift! Why not invite them to a housewarming party to say thank you. These fun and creative online cards are also a great way to track your guest list, RSVPs, and keep in touch with guests on the go.

Option three from

Head to my Instagram page to vote for your favorite paperless post moving announcement! And check your emails for an invitation to our housewarming party!

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