First Day Scaries Bracelets

Yesterday was a big day for mommy and Colette! It was the first day of first grade at her new school, as well as her first day taking the school bus to and from school. So we were both feel all the things. Excitement and uncertainties which lead to anxiety. So my creative side got a little idea. If I can’t be with her every second of the day, let’s make something that will keep us connected during those first day scaries.

First day scaries bracelets


I love making things and memories with my kiddos. So whenever there is a problem my gut tells me to make something (wether it is food, a craft, or jewelry). Since we have been through a lot of transitions in the past three months, I have notice Colette experiencing a little more anxiety than normal. So I want her to have healthy outlet when those feelings come to surface, and the healthiest outlet for me is creating.

Matching bracelets

I sat Colette down and explained to her that I cannot be with her physically when she is at school but sometime there are things that help you feel someone’s presence even when they’re not with you. We talk about different things that we could make so that she could feel connected with me while we were separated. She came up with the idea of making a bracelet! Perfect! So we grabbed her bead kit and she started making her bracelet.


Mommy needs one too

While she was making hers I realized I was going to go through the same emotional rollercoaster that she was! So I started making one as well. Of course she as clued in and said in her sweet six year old voice “Mommy, are you making one too? So you can rub it when you miss me?” Which of course I replied, “Yes, it’ll help me be brave tomorrow when I miss you”. Because kids need to know their feelings are validated and they are not the only one with BIG feelings, we as parents just have more experience with dealing with them.

You can shop the bead kit we used here.

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