Thanksgiving Mantel

This post was sponsored by Wayfair

Undoubtedly, the fireplace is the focal point of all home gatherings during the holiday season. Decorating the fireplace and mantel is my favorite part of decking out my decor during the festive seasons! Since we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October I was able to play with a Thanksgiving mantel display well before Halloween! But like any project, you must start with a good foundation. Which is why I need to share this mirror from Wayfair

Mirrors make such a pretty backdrop for any interior no matter what your style. Mirrors create a brighter room when placed in just the right spot (which we need in this small vintage home). When looking for the perfect mirror, I went searching on because I know they have the best choices at the best prices. I love finding items that are low cost but make a big impact. And a mirror is the perfect home decor item for this project!

This particular mirror is the Lawerence Cottage/ Country Wall MirrorLawerence Cottage/ Country Wall Mirror. You can find the link here! Lawerence Cottage/ Country Wall Mirror

It is usually $225.00 but is now on clearance for $136.99! If you have a big enough mantel I would even put two of these beautiful pieces side by side! It is so simple yet bold in size that it makes a sophisticated statement. If you struggle finding the right mirror check out my suggestions below.

Rules of thumb when it comes to picking a mirror for your mantel:

A mirror is a foolproof option dressing up your fireplace, but if you’re going to try this tried-and-true styling trick go for a statement mirror. I chose this arch miorror because I love how clean yet bold it is. It still gives a with major impact without distracting from the decor around it.

We love the look of a rococo plaster or baroque gilt Italian frame for a traditional interior. For more-modern spaces, a large sunburst design could be an eye-catching choice.

Choose something that complements your room’s aesthetic, or be a little rebellious and opt for something that contrasts with the general vibe. 

To decorate the mantel for Thanksgiving I dried out these gorgeous magnolia leaves and strategically placed them in front of the mirror. Giving the leaves even more depth from the mirror’s reflection. I added a few candles and small white pumpkins and the Thanksgiving mantel was complete. I cannot wait to show you how I’ll be decorating this mantel and mirror for Christmas!

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