Goldfish Swim School Williamsville

Transitioning to a new city, new school district, and even new home is a lot on kids. So when I found out there was a Goldfish Swim School just 10 minutes away from our new home in Buffalo NY, I was so excited! When we drove by for the first time, Colette’s eyes lit up with delight and recognition! Finally something that we were able to bring from her routine in Charlotte right to her new routine in Buffalo NY. So we signed up for swim lessons right away!

Goldfish Swim School uses play based philosophy for children to learn to swim and learn the importance of water safety. When Wesley is hesitant the very patient instructors use water toys as motivation to get him into the water and as soon as he is in the water, he is so happy! The instructors want to ensure the children have a safe and enriched experience while learning the basics of swimming. Wesley has been making great strides and that is a direct reflection of his lessons at Goldfish Swim School Williamsville.

Colette LOVES her instructor at Goldfish Swim Academy. She is a confident swimmer and ready to move onto the next level with the help of her instructors. She has even made new friends in her swim class (which is huge since we’re still working on finding friends in her district). Each week she shows improvement and cannot wait until the next class!

The Dry Bar is so cool

Again, my favorite part of Goldfish Swim School Wlliamsville is the set up. It is super clean and everything is set up for smooth transitions. As soon as you walk in, you scan your child’s card, walk right over to the changing huts, and can wait for the lifeguard to call your child into the lesson by the craft table or the fish tank. While the children are having their lessons you can take a seat behind the glass (and there are no obstructions to watch your child’s lesson). When the lesson is finished you have time to discuss your child’s progress and goals with the instructor. Then they walk over to the showers to get showered off and then off to the drying bar. Which the kids like to use while practicing their “surfing” skills. Also if you forgot anything at home they have everything you need for purchase (of course I forgot Tank’s swim diaper but in my welcome bag they gave me a 20% off coupon that I could use towards a new one). When you start your child will also get a bag of goodies like a tshirt, coupons, and even tickets to come for family swim (which will be perfect for these snowy days).

I highly recommend getting your kiddos signed up now so that by the summer time everyone (including you) can enjoy your summer vacation! Thank you Goldfish Swim School Williamsville for sponsoring.

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