My New Favorite Mascara

I admit, I have been using the same mascara since high school. You know the one with the pink and lime green packaging. Since I’m turning 35 this year I thought it was time to start buying beauty products from a beauty store, not my local drug store.

Eye on the right is no mascara, eye on the left is my new favorite mascara!

Click here for the link!

Excuse my untamed eyebrows and no makeup face but I wanted to show you guys the results from this mascara without any distractions! And this is just after one application. They’re fuller, longer, and darker than my natural eyelashes. Here it is mamas!

I was able to score it for just $15 when Sephora was having their President’s Day Sale, but it’s definitely worth the full price if you can’t wait for it to go on sale again. Again, I am not a beauty blogger but I love sharing my favorite finds with you!

Below I’ve added my top choices for a quick easy daily makeup routine from Sephora (which I will be shopping when my birthday coupon comes in)!

[show_lookbook_widget id=”444849″]

CC Cream

Eye Brows

Eye Shadow


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