Potty Training Part 1

Potty training is my least favorite part of parenting but once it’s the most amazing feeling in the world!  You save on average $70 a month once you’re child is potty trained.  So I am excited to tell you guys that Tank is finally potty trained! It has been a long journey and much different than the one we took with Colette but I want to share with you want worked for us!

Tank still doesn’t like sitting on the potty, he would rather “pee like daddy”

I decided to potty train Colette as soon as she turned two years old, because I knew she was ready. She started showing signs like hiding in a corner and telling me when she had a wet diaper.  Within a week of training she was totally potty trained.  So, when Wesley turned two, I decided to introduce potty training, which admittedly was a mistake because he wasn’t showing any interests or signs of being ready. Long story short, his two-year-old potty-training trail was a disaster.

Fast forward to a few months ago, Wesley’s teacher started hinting that she thought he was ready for potty training. He was waking up from his naps totally dry and he would say “oh no” when he wet his diaper.  So, I decided to start the process at home. Below are how I have found success with potty training for my kiddos.  *Full disclosure, I night trained my kids after they were fully potty trained for at least 6 months. Hence why I named this post Part 1. So he wears a pull up to bed and I have to be honest, he does hate sitting on the potty go number two. So we’re still struggling with that. BUT here is what we have found success with!

Here are my potty training tips and tricks that I stuck to:

  • Stay home for three-five days with no diapers on throughout the day (ideally a long weekend or winter break)
  • Let your child pick out “Big Boy or Girl” underpants to use after being introduce to the potty
  • Introduce a reward (candy) that the child can quickly earn when they sit or pee/poo on potty
  • Start a sticker chart as extra motivation/tracking
  • As soon as they wake up take their night diaper off and have them go potty
  • Take them to the bathroom every 50 minutes to “try”
  • Once you start don’t stop! Do your best not to go back to diapers.
  • Make pooping and peeing exciting and fun! We literally do a song and dance when a child goes potty!

As stated above as soon as he would wake up we started our routine.  Take the diaper off and I would start using the vocabulary “Oh you’re wet, let’s try and pee in the potty”.  I would take off his diaper and he would try and “pee like daddy” for at least 5 minutes. Then we went on our day.  As the day went on I put him on the on the potty every 50 minutes.  Yes that seems like a lot but in the beginning its necessary since they’re training those muscles and getting that mind body connection going.  After a few days he started telling me, peepee or poopoo, and we would run to the toilet!

His new favorite PJ Masks undies

Leaving the house is always scary because he doesn’t like to poop on the potty, but we’re working through that.  I always bring a change of clothes and a pull-up, wipes just in case.  We also always have Travel Johns on hand because he hates the public rest room. He’s scared of the loud automatic flushing, the loud air dryers and people coming in and out.  If we’re headed out then I have him try to go to the bathroom before we leave the house, and make sure I’m organized enough so that we’re not out of the house for hours.

Does he still have accidents, yes.  Is that normal, yes.  Sometimes it happens when he’s busy playing or he’s drank more water than normal.  But he is in big boy underwear and going potty like daddy! In six months, I will post about nighttime training so leave all your comments and questions below for me to answer.

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