Hand Washing Guide for

As parent’s we do everything in our power to keep our kids safe and healthy. Hand washing is a very important method in preventing illness and since the coronavirus isn’t slowing down, I’ve put together a blog post to help you and your kids learn about hand washing.

“Don’t forget to wash your hands!” is what you’ll catch me saying as my kiddo hops on the bus to school. According to researchers and medical professionals proper hand washing can keep the viruses away. Now more than ever it’s important to teach our kids that washing their hands (and trying their best not to touch their faces) is critical. Below are basic but important steps to remember.


  1. Model good hand washing for your kids to see.
  2. Teach your children why we wash our hands.
  3. Make it apart of your routine. Have the whole family wash hands before meals, after you’ve been in public place, and of course after using the bathroom.
  4. Make it fun with songs, counting to 20 or even the Hand washing timer!

Proper Hand Washing Method

Teach your kid to wet their hands first, then apply soap, and work the soap into a lather. It’s both the friction from scrubbing and the surfactants in soap. Make sure they are scrubbing their palms, the tops of their hands, between their fingers and under their nails for 20 seconds.

Younger kids might find it fun to sing the ABCs or Happy Birthday twice. After the hands have been thoroughly lathered, rinse them until all the soap is gone. Have your child dry their hands with a clean paper towel or towel.

We often tell our kids to do something but often forget to talk to them about why. So make sure you talk to them about why they need to wash their hands. My kids and I talk about how proper hand washing can prevent the spread of germs can keep them from getting sick. Depending on how old your child is, you could mention the virus that is going around right now that’s making people sick. You don’t want to scare your child so assure them that kids don’t tend to get seriously ill with it, but other people in society are more susceptible because of age and resources, and they can do this small thing to help stop the virus. Our superintendent has sent out a letter with the precausions they are taking and instructions they are giving their staff so so it might be a good idea to have the conversation regardless. Because you want to clear up any misinformation your child might have heard or unnecessary fear they are feeling.

If your child needs a visual, Colette and I created a hand washing video on my Instagram page.

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