Online Resources for Homeschooling

We’re used to sending our children off to school in the morning but all that has changed. We are now the educators! Coronavirus has turned us mamas or caregivers into homeschoolers. This transition can seem scary and unfamiliar but I’m here to assure you that there are tons of resources and information that will help you. Let’s stay together during isolation.

Educational resources

Scholastics has created a free “learn at home” project for kids of all ages! They include bookflix and virtual learning projects.

NY TIMES is providing free weekly writing prompts for you and your kids!

Ted-Ed videos are great to watch with your kids and create your own lessons and discussions.

Below are a list of programs that are not free but contact your child’s teacher and they will likely be able to provide you with their login information.

Brain breaks

Your child is probably already using Gonoodle at school. Brain breaks are mental breaks designed to help students stay focused and attend. The brain breaks get students moving and helps carry blood and oxygen to the brain. So work brain breaks in according to your child’s needs, sometimes I work them in around 15 minutes if they’re really working hard (ie math).

Get crafty

  • Mo Willems has a doodle with me every weekday at 1 pm! Join him to doodle daily. Click here to see it.
  • I like to let my kids make cards and graphic art with Canva’s that they can email to their friends during isolation.
  • Kitchentableclassroom is AMAZING for your little craft-star!
  • Art by Saroum is also a great website for resources and projects that your kiddos will love! She also provides educational flash cards you can print out.

Build in recess and outdoor activities

A walk in the woods is not only healthy for your body and spirit, but your mind, too! When your kiddo is outside ask every and any question about things in your back yard. Like: What new plants are growing? What bugs can you find under decaying logs? Count the tree rings in a downed tree. Is there a way to reroute a waterway in the creek? When those questions start flowing so does discovery and curiosity.

It is equally important to let them simply play outside. Do not feel like you need to teach them anything. Let them discover nature and the full sensory experience of being outside on their own.

Take a virtual field trip

These 12 Famous museums are giving virtual field trips so you can reinforce any lessons that your child’s teacher might have sent home.

Disney might be shut down but you can tan take a virtual field trip on a few rides! Click here.

That’s all for now, but I will continue to add and update as the time goes on. I am sure a lot of online resources will start to be available. Just know that we’re all in this together and let’s try and stay connected while isolated. If you have any questions or suggestions, email or dm me.

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