Quarantine School Schedule

Over 300 million children worldwide are suddenly being homeschooled, 300 MILLION! The Covid-19 epidemic shutters schools for weeks and we are finally shutting down in WNY. I know it seems all very scary, but with routine and schedules comes a sense of comfort. So I’ve put together a little routine guide for you and you’re little to follow during this time of uncertainty.

I have to admit, being a teacher and a mom is hard. I actually haven’t gone back to full time teaching because I found it very hard to be able to be both a full time mom and teacher. Most of the time I was giving my students my full time attentions and patience. While feeling very burnt out and short tempered with the 4 hours I had with my kids during the week. So when schools started shutting down, I quickly realized we were all going to be stay at home moms and teachers. I want to give you the tools and resources that will help you and your children transition during this very stressful time (for everyone).

I introduce you to canva.com earlier this week with our Temporary Tattoo craft. This time I’ve created a little schedule for you and your kiddos to follow throughout the day. Please remember my kids are 3 and 6. So I will make a lot of accommodations to fit their development and academic needs. I promise to also provide you with resources and tools to get through this schedule because there is so much out there!

Note I do not put time limits on this schedule as I think it’s important to know your child and their attention span/break needs. Every child is different (especially if you have a house full of kids ranging from 0-9 years old).

So stay tuned for lesson, links and information to get through this time. Do not stress or panic, because children pick up on that. If you want the printable version of my schedules DM me on IG and I will send them to you. Stay tuned for lesson plans, fun activities, and mom survival guides!

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