Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Anyone else miss date night?! Myles works really hard and I am at home with the kids all the time so we really really love date nights alone. We usually get dressed up, treat ourselves to a nice dinner (and a glass of wine). But date nights are looking a little different from now on. Since none of us will be leaving our homes anytime soon (nor getting a babysitter to come to our house), we’ll just have to get extra creative with how we spend our date nights! And yes, I believe it is still very important to date your significant other, even after kids. Dates are a time to ditch your phone and really tune in to your partner.

I dug into our wine stash and found some wine for our wine tasting night!

We came up with a bunch of ideas about stay at home date night and a few you can do with the kiddos, so I thought I would share a few of them with you!


This one will have to be done once the kids go to bed. Either dip into your stash or order online, Martha Stewart Wine Club is my favorite way to try new wines. You can pick a type of wine or start with white and work your way to a dessert red. Cover the wines in paper bags, start a scorecard, and start pouring!


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have caught the RV bug. I’m dreaming of owning an Airstream one day, but for now we’re looking at tents. I love the idea of having a backyard picnic and sleeping under the stars! Although I would likely sneak out after everyone was a sleep to finally get my bed to myself!


We still have Easter Candy kicking around so why not?! Create a scorecard and mark your favorites, your answers might surprise you. This date night could be with the kiddos too, I know mine would love it!


Spend a night reminiscing on your relationship! You can watch your wedding video together or look through wedding photos.


When the kids go to bed, go support your local restaurant by ordering curbside pickup, turn the lights off and light the candles. Put on some music and eat dinner by the candlelight!


Before we set off to Disney we did something very similar. We had the kids watch all the Disney movies which we were planning to visit during our trip. Pick a theme, whether it’s a series, genre or actor, and host a movie marathon. Bill Murray is my favorite actor of all time so we’ll be watching all his movies, which might actually take longer than a day! We like to pretend like we’re at the movie theater by turning off all the lights, making a big bowl of popcorn.


If you don’t have some LEGO’s at your house, it’s time to order some! I actually find it to be therapeutic building them, but surprisingly complicated! Colette is really good at LEGO’s so we ordered a few for the kids and a few for us. The process of following directions and building something with your hands is all-consuming and really helped to get our minds off stressful situations.


Get on your gym clothes and work out together. There are a ton of free workout videos and apps for you to do together. The best part is this can be done as a family, especially when the kids have a ton of energy that they need to get out!


It may sound kinda lame, but I have become obsessed with TikTok. Of course no one will do one with but learning a dance or creating a video can be fun! You don’t necessarily have to post it to social media, just do it for fun!

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