home: a gathering place for family to join together in the one place you will always be surrounded by those who you love.

I always want my living room to look beautiful and sophisticated, but still comfortable and a place where we could drink our morning coffee or and spend movie night with the kids without worrying about “messing it up.” The most important factor was our seating choices, especially the sofa: we wanted an classic choice, but still super comfy! We chose the Barret Lounger in the Gray and are so happy that we did. It’s soft curves give the space a feeling of coziness and softness to the space. The durable fabric that we chose is sooo soft, too! It makes you want to just curl up and read a book with the kids. You can see photos of the sofa in the below photo:

In addition to the Crate and Barrel sofa, we also really loved this Loloi rug. It’s beyond soft and is perfect for little ones crawling around.  We love it so much so we bought another one for the office! The soft blue and grays really go well together and act as a neutral palette for our ever changing throw pillows!

I love finding throw pillows that I can use in the living room or my own bedroom. So when I spotted these two, I got them right away (not to mention the tassel ones are under $13)! Click here for the link for the tassel throw pillow and here for the link for the fawn design!

We are so in love with this space!!! I love how it’s cozy and comfortable and stylish at the same time. My favorite time of day is 7 p.m. when I’m finished with work for the day (and put the kids to bed), I pour a glass of wine and snuggle up to watch my favorite Netflix show! I’ve linked up every single item in the box below, but if I didn’t answer your question in this post, feel free to leave a comment or follow me on IG!

Sofa | Rug | Tassel Throw | Fawn Throw

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