Easy Home Work Station Tutorial

We needed a supportive learning space for our children to do their homework and virtual school.  By using an empty wall, we built a DIY table, added a few shelves and other supplies perfect for all their schooling needs. Check out how easy it is to make so you can do it too!

With the start of a new school year that will be both at home and in school, we needed a homework station. Colette will be home 3 out of the five school days and Wesley will be home full time. So we needed a homework station as well as a place to do virtual school.  We happen to have a blank wall in our office so it was the perfect place to create this station. Keep reading to see just how easy it is to make.

Start With an Empty Spot


Gather Your Materials

We headed to Lowes to gather all our materials, make sure to measure your space before hand to get the right amount and length materials for your home.

1 16×6 Stain Grade Panel

3 9in x 3 inch x 12 inch wall mounts

Miniwax oil base simply white stain

Miniwax Stain Polyurethan

Any white paint you might have left over from previous projects.

Light sanding paper


Paint Brushes

Get To Work

Start by painting your panel with the stain, make sure to follow the directions closely. The first coat should be very light. I only applied two coats total, and sanded before adding on the Polyurethan.

I decided to paint the wall mounts white with leftover white paint I had from a previous DIY project. I added two coats of paint to fully cover the wood.

Once the pieces dry, it’s time to start measuring! Measure and mark what level you would the table to be. From there you will be able to measure where the wall mounts will go (remember to consider the width of the desks and the mounts when marking).

Check straightens with a level! This is where you’ll need two people, one to hold the materials against the wall, and the other to make sure it’s straight.

We decided to go a little higher to allow a standing work space. There are many benefits of a standing work space. Standing is proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve memory and focus. Research shows that classroom standing desks can also enhance cognitive skills and improve test scores. And we don’t want our kids sitting all the time, we want the blood flowing and their creative thinking caps on when working in this space.


I decided to make the wall space functional yet fun! I added two Bloomingville House Shelves (which I have yet decorated) and a multipurpose peg board so the kids can keep materials and items in an arm’s reach. I am in search of the perfect seat and floor mat for the space but will keep you updated as we continue to work on this area! Remember, I’m all about the process and want you to feel like you can do it too! So let me know your thoughts or any suggestions you have for this space!



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