Halloween Spray Painted Doll House

I’m not sure you know this about me yet, but I LOVE Halloween! This craft brings my love for halloween, crafting, and sustainability all together! Best part is, you can do this for free too! I’m sure you have a doll house kicking around your house you want to do this to as well, so follow the easy instructions below.

Fisher Price Doll House

When you look at a doll house you don’t see how structurally gothic they are, but slap some black spray paint on them and BOOM, it’s like you purchased a Vamparina’s play set! So when I was looking at some of the Haunted Houses for sale at my local home store, I thought to myself I could just make that with the doll house no one has touched in years (sound familiar moms?!). I am so glad I did and the kids love the way it turned out, so much so they’ve been playing with it for hours.


We decorated it with a few items from Michaels, all Halloween items are 40% off right now. If your kids are a little older you could make a cemetery in front of it, or even put ghosts looking out from the windows! The possibilities are endless. If you do this project make sure to tag me in it so I can see and share yours!

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DIY Halloween Doll House


Doll House

Halloween Miniatures

Spray Paint


-Make sure to clean the doll house then get all of the stickers off. We use goo gone for any project like this!

-Set up a station for spraying. Make sure you’re wearing your work/crafting clothes.

-Start spraying! This Rust-Oleum is fast drying and has a nice finish.

-Once it’s dry you can start adding details. I decided to super glue one of the spiders to the front of the doll house to give it an extra spooky finish.

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