Adding Texture to Your Decor

Interior designer’s secret to completing a room: texture! And I’ve found the perfect comforter with just enough style and texture that can go in any room!

You know how much I love playing around with home decor and I’ve started to study it a bit. There’s a secret that I think I’ve discovered that all designers use and really take a space to the next level. No room is complete without TEXTURE!

I can’t say I have one specific style but I know what I love and what I’m drawn to. Colette is starting to explore her own decor style with her big girl bedroom. So when we were looking for her bedroom decor we started with color (whites, teal, and a touch of pink through accessories). She loves white bedding because she says it makes her feel like she’s sleeping on a cloud. So when I showed her this specific comforter we knew it was the one (and you can’t beat the price)! I’m sharing her comforter because it has the perfect amount of texture and subtle style!

Colette’s Comforter

These are the things that make a room feel cozy and complete. Textures remind us of nature and gives our eyes something to move around. So when I found this comforter, I thought it was the perfect subtle touch for her bedroom.


Click here for the comforter’s link.

This specific comforter is thin. So you are getting what you pay for but I think that it’s a bonus! Because you can use it in the summer months and cold winter months. We just add a comfy comforter underneath it in the fall and winter.

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