DIY Bat Bow

Your kids will go bat craft crazy with my DIY bat bow! And you can wear them so many different ways! Along with my bat template, all you will need are a few tools and materials (listed below) to make your own!

Not sure what you’re doing this Halloween? Don’t worry, neither do I. But I don’t want to miss the excitment of it all, so I have a fun little DIY that you can do to get in the Halloween spirit!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


  • Black Felt – leather or faux leather
  • Black Text Weight Paper
  • White Crayon

Cut it out and transfer the pattern to your felt using chalk or a white crayon. Cut the pattern out and assemble the bat wings headband by wrapping the black felt band around the wings in the middle. Secure the felt band at the back with a low-temperature glue gun or supper glue. You now have the perfect handmade Now super glue the back of a hair clip or pin so you can put it on your kiddos hair, collard shirt, or even wear as a bracelet!

You can email me for full printable template!

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