Shop Local This Christmas

I am a serial entrepreneurs! I started this blog when I was pregnant with Wesley, which then started my IG influencer page, and then my friend Eleanor and I started Belle Beleir two years ago get our creative bug out in the world.

And I’ve had several ventures beyond that that. A couple successes, but the majority haven’t panned out for one reason or another. I think it’s important to share that because it’s easy to see someone’s successes and forget about all the times that they fell flat on their face! 

I say this because I have a great respect for small businesses and the labor of love that the mothers and families that are force behind them. Every year I support local during the holiday season, this year I’m challenging myself to do more of my holiday shopping from small businesses due to everything going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue to share things I get from Amazon gift guides because it really is a modern convenience that makes a big difference. But even just ordering a few holiday gifts to support small businesses could make a big difference.

For this list I combed all the brands that I love and know you will love too! Some brands I have a personal connection with and some I don’t know but truly admire! It was a serious challenge as there were so many incredible businesses to support. I hope this list inspires you to shop local this holiday season and get to know some new local brands!

  1. Hat Attack
  2. Monogram Mary
  3. ChappyWrap
  4. Eilasz and Ella Jewelry
  5. The Table Fix
  6. Allegra & Luca
  9. Barrington
  11. Molly & Kate
  12. Brickyard Buffalo
  13. AR Workshop
  14. Luxe Angel Boutique
  15. ETSY
  16. Worthy Figures
  17. One Hott Mamma
  18. Goldfish Swim School

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