Solo Stove

I don’t think Myles has been more excited about any collaboration than this one! I am beyond excited to introduce to you Solo Stove. The pictures speak for themselves but let me explain to you why we love Solo Stove so much and why you need to add it to your gift list!

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Let’s start with the design. I’m a sucker for all things pretty and sleek so when I saw the Solo Stove I already started planning family s’mores nights in the backyard. It is the perfect size for outdoor gatherings and the design makes for Instagram worth photos! Now onto how it works!

The stainless steel fire pit that provides low-smoke flames, cozy warmth, and very little leftover ash. The design makes it easy to light, no lighter fluid or kindling required, so easy even I can do it. The airflow immediately pushes the flame toward the logs above, passively fanning the flames. The kid’s were in awe of how the flames pushed up instead of out! Huge perk and it makes teaching bonfire safety a lot easier!

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The Solo Stove is nearly smokeless but still hot, always make sure the little one’s have clear rules and expectations so s’mores night can be fully enjoyed. We were so impressive how warm and cozy the Bonfire made our backyard, especially during these November Buffalo nights.

It’s portable! As you know, we move around quite a bit for Myles’ job. We love that we can take the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit wherever we go. Whether it’s our trips to the beach or to our next city, we will definitely bring it along with us.


  • 14” high, 19.5” wide at the base
  • Weighs 20 lbs, making it portable
  • Burns fire logs
  • Stand and cover included

Follow Solo Stove’s easy steps as to how to build a smoke-free fire here! Depending on which Solo Stove you purchase you’ll want to follow their steps to keep your fire roaring! We always start with 2″ chunkwood pieces across the bottom of the fire pit. You can even add twigs, pinecones, leaves, or even dryer lint in the center to help light the chunkwood base. Then arrange larger wood logs around the tinder in a circular pattern. This technique is brings the heat from the center of the fire pit to the outer walls.


The Roasting Sticks are the best roasting sticks we’ve ever used. They are made with 304 stainless steel, screw off tops for easy cleaning, and they come with a protective case which makes for easy transportation. Again if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your husband or dad this is it!

We LOVE our Solo Stove and have already starting making some magical family memories with it. We cannot wait to explore the rest of the Solo Stove Line and all their amazing accessories!

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