Being an IG Influencer/Blogger

I’ve received a few DMs on my IG page as to how I started blogging/ became an influencer. It’s always a popular topic.  Because the answer is yes, I get paid to post content, take photos, and attend events.  Sounds amazing right?! Well at times it is, but it is work, but work I LOVE! So yes you can become an influencer or blogger and contribute to your family’s expenses or squirrel it away for a mommy getaway! Either way, I’m writing this to help you out or give you a little insight as to why I post some of the things I do and how I gained those connections. Because I believe there is an audience for everyone.  I might not be your favorite mommy blogger, but you might think my fashion content is affordable, or I have hilarious Target stories! Anyways this might be a long post so I’ll get to it.

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Why did I start blogging/IG?

Money.  I’m being honest.  I was pregnant with my second child and as a teacher, I needed a side hustle to keep up with my student loans while on maternity leave. Besides that,  I loved the sense of community and connections I was making on social media.  I was putting my opinions on motherhood and people responded! That sense of connection without having to go to another mommy group made me happy. I strongly believe that you can use social media to help people, make connections, and inform people who might not have the same resources as you.  My sense of humor to make light as well as inform millennial on all subjects of motherhood on Instagram did that!

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Got to start somewhere. 

How did you start?

When I began my IG influencer page numbers mattered. So it sucked because I only had 500 followers.  Some companies and influencer marketing agencies won’t even look at you until you have at least 2,000 followers (from my own experience). So I focused in on my niche.  Obviously that niche is motherhood but I would use my love of fashion and humor to make it personal.  The more true I was to me and who I was as a mother the more followers, the more likes, the more I started getting out of Instagram.

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My first attempt at the white garage photo lol!

Who are you?!

My advice to you is to sit down and think to yourself, “what is it that you want to write/share about? What makes you unique? Are you a teacher? Go! Are you an art teacher?!  Amazing, what kind of art and grade level are you going to write about? Is it curriculum based or trauma based? Find your sub-category so that you have a dedicated and call yourself an expert in. Who is going to argue with you?!

Our first local GAP collaboration. 

A no means not right now.

I used to struggle with rejection.  I used to take it personally for some reason.  But the more I heard no the more I self reflected and fine tune what I was doing.  I also started to see that those same companies that said no to me maybe 6 months ago were reaching out to me to collaborate. So put yourself out there and don’t let no discourage you.

I would put the kids to bed and sit down with my media kit and reach out to almost every brand I thought my followers would want to know. I am a part of and they put together an amazing media kit for their influencers (why do the work when they do it for you for FREE). I probably emailed/DM about 10 brands a night.  Explaining why I was the right fit for them, and why my followers would want to see me in their brand.

Find inspiration.

I often search for influencers (both male and female) that are inspirational to me.  Then I look at what brands they are collaborating with.  Sometimes I even reach out the the influencers themselves to just ask if they have a contact they would be willing to share.  I have found the blogging community to be ridiculously supportive and 90% of the time they will share their contacts or the management information with you! Because it’s really up to the company if they want to work with you and it’s not like the company’s don’t want free or minimal press costs!  Some of the brands themselves are just starting out and want the cross promotional marketing.


It’s not a secret!

Influencers and bloggers are the new celebrities for consumers and cost effective marketing for big brands and corporations. So if you want to start blogging or become an IG influecner apply to social native, forh, and mavrck, and reach out to brands themselves via email or DM. I usually make $30 an ad but I have made a few $400 ones! And the free clothing doesn’t hurt when you’re paying $400 a month in student loans.

Just remember to stay true to you, find brands you really believe in, and have fun.  If you need any help send me a message.  I’m happy to help you further your blogging dreams but can only help you based on my own experience.