On Sunday I was invited by Queen City Chic to a Charlotte Bloggers’ Friendsgiving  hosted by The Capital Grille, in Charlotte N.C.  If you know me you know I love steak (a little too much) and I would never pass up an invitation to a Friendsgiving!


I had never been to The Capital Grille but have heard nothing but outstanding reviews of the upscale steakhouse.  My mouth was beginning to drool while I looked over their online menu (as one does when they’re visiting a nice restaurant and know they will not be footing the bill). Just imagine; house made mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, salad made with parmesan dressing, lobster mac and cheese, and world famous steaks. And then I looked back on the invite and realized we were trying out a new menu! I get a little excited to try out new preset meal menus, because let’s be honest, these are the menus I like to do when I’m paying $150 in babysitter costs on top of Ubers, cocktails and dinner.


The Butcher & Baker menu is The Capital Grille’s take on the traditional Sunday family meal. For $45 you get a three course dinner which you do not have to cook or do dishes.  That alone is worth $70.

Consider it their Sunday best.  The three course meal features an exclusive entree of choice, a Chef seasonal salad, two sides for the table and The Baker’s Pie to finish the experience. Every Sunday 5:00-9:00 pm $45 Per Guest.


I started off with the Chef’s Seasonal Salad.  The dressing was light yet addicting. The greens were so fresh you could smell them as you put them to your mouth.


Enough talking, let me get to the food. Of course I ordered The Capital Grille Prime Rib. It was perfectly cooked, thick, especially juicy with just a hint of charred exterior that  gave the flesh a variation of texture from edge to center.


The Sam’s Mashed Potatoes and Soy Glazed Brussel Sprouts with bacon (really thick cut bacon) were perfect accompanist for my meal.


My friend ordered the The double-cut rib lamb chop, which came with a ring of mint jelly that was so visually appealing. There was so much meat that it could not believe my eyes.  I tasted just a slice of it and quickly realized I wanted every single ounce. This was superb lamb, superbly grilled.


To finish it off warm apple crostata was an absolute stunner.  The housemade vanilla ice cream actually made me finish every little bit.  It was the perfect way to end the meal.

To sum it all up, we had an amazing Friendsgiving with good company and spectacular food. If you are looking for a place to have your Thanksgiving make sure to book your table.  Capital Grille is hosting a Thanksgiving November 22, 2018 for turkey and steak enthusiasts alike ($42 for adults and $15 for children).

Burton’s Bar and Grill

Looking for an upscale dinning expereince in a relaxed (yet aesthetically pleasing) dinning environment that both parents and the kids will love?! Burtons Grill and Bar is that spot. Going out to eat with kids can often be a challenging.  Especially when your children are picky eaters or have dietary restrictions.

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I’ve taken out the guess work for your next visit to Burton’s.  See below for my family approved menu items.


Top Picks

Signature Wings….$13.95

I LOVE a good wing and my kids do too.  These were so juicy and seasoned to perfection.  They were the perfect appitizer for any meal.

General Tao’s Cauliflower…..$12.95

If you are going to get anything while visiting Burtons, promise me you will get this dish. They are beyond delicous, and to this day our family’s favorite.

Top Picks

Philly Spring Rolls….$13.95

I could have eaten the entire plate if my kids didn’t beat me to it! These Philly Spring rolls were filled with everything a philly steak and cheese sandwich would be!

Grilled Artichokes…..$12.95

This brought me back to my childhood! My grandmother would make these for us while we waited for dinner to be ready, basically ensuring we didnt’ keep sticking our fingers all over the food she was about to serve, so Burton’s is passing on my family’s tradition.



Top Pick

Fish Sandwich…..$14.95

The seame chili glaze, ginger and cucumber salad is mouth watering!! This dish was soley for me, the kids were only into the cucumbers.


Top Picks

Procuitto wrapped Halibut…$18.95

The Halibut was perfectly cooked paired perfectly with a white wine.  Wesley couldn’t stop eating the rice while Myles finished off the green beans.

Mediterranean Chicken Risotto…..$15.95

This dish screams summer, itt’s so light yet satisfying.

Dietary Restrictions


Top Pick

Grilled NY Strip…..$28.95

Wesley is still struggling with diary.  So I was so excited to try their PALEO Grilled NY Strip.  They use olive oil instead of butter and you honestly wouldn’t know the difference.


Top Picks


Top Picks

Chocoalte Cake…..$9.00

Layers upon layers upon layers of chocolate ganache! Surrounded by rasberry coulis and  of course topped with whipped cream! Perfect way to end the night.

Key Lime Pie….$10.00

This is hands down the BEST Key Lime Pie I’ve ever had.  I highly recommond rewarding the kids sitting through a meal with this.


Midwood Smokehouse

Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, supper manager who when you children are about to have a level five tantrum in a restaurant saves the day.  Yup that pretty much sums up Midwood Smokehouse. Two nights ago my family and I bravely (and if you have two little kids you know why I’m using the word bravely) went out to dinner together to enjoy Charlotte’s best smokehouse restaurant. 

Midwood  Smokehouse is my favorite smokehouse in all of Charlotte.  Whenever I’m craving ribs that is the only place I will go. My husband is not a huge fan of BBQ, but Midwood Smokehouse has something for everything, even the kids. 

Midwood has a five locations in Charlotte, and lucky for us the Ballantyne location is just a few minutes from our house.  Upon arrival the hostess greeted our kids and quickly seated us with kids menus and crayons, which is essential. The smell of the delicious BBQ quickly made my mouth water, so grab a napkin and check out what we ordered below. 

We started with the jalapeno corn bread. 

The corn bread was warm, sweet, just spicy enough that my husband I am devoured the whole thing.  Don’t forget the honey!  Drizzling the honey over it while it’s still warm really helps the flavor sink in. 

The crispy smoked wings were my favorite appetizer

If you’re looking for something new to try, order the smoked wings but crispy.  After they’re smoked they flash fry the wings and they form this delicious crispy yet tender crust. 

Colette picking her own items from the kid’s menu

The kid’s menu has great options for picky eaters and choosy moms.  My kids stuck with the traditional chicken tenders and crinkle french fries (which they love here because they’re shaped “funny”). But they have quesadillas, fresh fruit, mac and cheese as options as well.

I consider myself a rib connoisseur.  I promise you these fall off the bone, meaty, perfectly smoked ribs are everything.  You will finish ever single bite and wish you ordered the full rack (so just take my advice and do it). Their mac and cheese, hushpuppies, and collard greens are the perfect southern BBQ accompanists for their ribs.  

Of course when I started eating my food the kids started to loose interest in theirs.  Wesley was about to start his typical terrible twos tantrum when the manager came over to say hi.  I actually got to eat my dinner because the kids were so engaged with her and she was just the sweetest with them.  So not only does Midwood Smokehouse have my tastebuds but they have my heart too! Nothing makes a family night out like having staff who make sure everyone is happy (not just the one’s paying the bill).

Colette took a massive bite of my ribs. 

I highly recommend Midwood Smokehouse to every and anyone. If you’re a Charlotte resident or just visiting make sure you put  Midwood Smokehouse on your to do list because you can’t visit the south without eating the best BBQ.

Viva Raw


viva Raw | zia pia | assorted table wine shoppe

I was able to attend a vegan multi-course tasting.  I have to admit I am not a vegan. I repeat I am not a vegan.  I wish I was and I wish I had the will power to be one, but I don’t.  I admire those who are, especially moms because it requires a ton of effort and thought.  So I was beyond excited when I was invited to a tasting where the meals (and wine) would be thought out, cooked, and cleaned up after me!


The first course was a delicious and clean salad. It was accompanied by a vegan Onxy cheese.