The Little Nest Camera Class

The Little Nest hosted it’s first camera class (part one of a four part series) and I was able to take my very expensive Cannon camera along with me in attendance.  I seriously have had this camera since the day Colette was born, almost five years now, and didn’t have a clue how to properly use it.

I was so intimidated by all the features and settings, and let’s be honest with having kids I didn’t have time to sit down and figure them all out.  Since I’m getting serious about blogging I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get one to one instruction about my camera and how to capture the photos I want of my kids and products.

Below you’ll see the progression of the corse and my ability to take a photo using my camera.


Photo one

This was the first photo we took of our “subject”. I left it on the settings I had been using for almost every photoshoot.  As you can see it’s blurry, not focused on anything particular, and the lighting is low.


Photo 2

I tried to fix the setting myself.  As you can see, WRONG.


Photo 3

Ahhhhhhh, look at that! I played with my zoom, aperture, and ISO. It’s in focus, clean, bright and make this somewhat dying plant look gorgeous!


Exercise two

Now we got to play with the spinning windmill. The goal was to capture the spinning spin wheel frozen! And well, I did it! Which will come in handy when capturing pictures of my children while they’re running around.



I highly recommend you sign of for a photography class! It took about two hours and was only $75. A photographer usually costs about $150 for 30 mins (not to mention all of the planning and coordinating).

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