Capturing the end of our Chapter in Charlotte | Chrissy Winchester

Image captured by Chrissy Winchester

We are in the middle of packing up our lives and heading to NY, and I’m starting to feel a little sentimental. I have been thinking about all the memories we made here in Charlotte. Wesley’s birth, all Colette’s major milestones, Myles being apart of a championship, and not to mention this is where I decided to start a blog! I wanted a way to remember our time here in Charlotte (without being a hoarder and keeping every single thing). Photographs have a way of triggering memories, feelings, and events that sometimes our memories no longer can.  So when I received an email from Chrissy Winchester about a family photo session, I was ecstatic!

Image captured by Chrissy Winchester

Chrissy Winchester

Chrissy Winchester is all the things. No seriously, she is a maternity/newborn photographer, family photographer, and branding photographer, and blogger. I would also list her as a personal stylist after using her studio wardrobe!

Image captured by Chrissy Winchester
Close up of Chrissy Winchester’s Style Wardrobe

Styling guidance + studio wardrobe

Putting together outfits for a family photoshoot is stressful! Trust me, I can tell you from experience. Chrissy’s studio wardrobe takes that layer of stress out of the picture. You can view her studio wardrobe online here, where she has carefully curated items for you and your little ones in all different sizes too! That way your family looks aesthetically synchronized without running from store to store hoping they have the right colors in the right sizes. Not to mention you can frame and place these photos anywhere in your home since the wardrobe and setting are neutral.

My favorite candid family photo captured by Chrissy


As mentioned before, Chrissy is all the things, but she most importantly she is a mom. She knows how crazy kids can be and how little they want to sit and smile for the camera. But she comes prepared. She rolls with the punches, literally Tank was was throwing some out, gives the kids breaks, and even brings bubbles to entertain the kids when they start getting bored.

Tank coming in with a punch. Image captured by Chrissy Winchester.
Image and feelings captured by Chrissy Winchester

Keepsake box

Chrissy gifts all her clients the most gorgeous glass keepsake box with a proof of each image, UBS, and other sweet gifts that left me speechless! I cannot wait to frame these photos and put them in our new home. She even put a little extra something in there for you! Head over to my Instagram page to see how you can win a gift card towards a session with Chrissy!

End of a chapter

Chrissy was able to captured the end of a chapter before the next amazing one begins and I am beyond thankful. I will cherish these photos and memories and hope you book your session with her so you can do the same.

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