Back to School (kind of)

2020 is a complete and utter gong show. If you’ve been following my stories, you can probably notice my frustration through the few F Bombs I dropped. I know we are all gearing up to start school, however that might look for you and your little ones, I wanted to share what going back to school will look for us and a few items that I have found helpful.

Our school district is doing the hybrid model; 4 days a week in school and your child is assigned a cohort and Wednesday Virtual learning. Distance Learning is an option and your kids will learn from home with school instruction from the district. And of course you can always choose to homeschool your child if you want to unenroll your children in the public school system.

I need to mention that no matter what you choose is right for your family, is right for your family. Everything is crazy in our world so you need to make sure you’re doing whats best for you and that you are not judging others that choose to do something different.

Colette is going to go back to school, to the hybrid model. She will be wearing a mask (we got this set for $12 for a set of five) and Wesley will be learning through a play based curriculum at home. Both very different choices for very different reasons. For right now I will share why we’ve decided to send C back hybrid model.

For one, we trust her school and her teacher so much. Two, her social emotional development is a priority for us. Colette thrives with other children her age. Three, as a teacher I believe the classroom is the best place to learn.

Now let’s talk about when the kids are not in school. They will both be home on Wednesdays so I am working on a functional and supportive learning environment for them!

These outdoor bean bag chairs are amazing!! We have been using them for camping BUT they work perfectly for reading centers. Colette loves using them when she gets sick of sitting in a chair for too long, or wants to cuddle up with a book.

This Ikea organization board is great for the kids and for your crafts. I find it helps keep everyone organized and accountable since you can see it.

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