DIY Crystal Ball

MATERIALS FOR GALAXY CRYSTAL BALL CRAFT Plastic water globe (I used this one) Cotton balls, as needed Water, as needed Food coloring (we used blue, green and red – use whatever colors you want your globe to be) Glitter, optional Strong glue, optional Stretch and tear apart your cotton balls. Sprinkle glitter into your snow globe. … More DIY Crystal Ball

Fall Salad

After a very glutinous Canadian Thanksgiving, I decided Myles and I needed something healthy to eat so I whipped up my favorite Fall Salad.  It was filled with so many tasty and healthy ingredients  you’ll want to serve it at your next get together. I loved the addition of spiced pecans to the salad it … More Fall Salad

DIY Bat Bow

Your kids will go bat craft crazy with my DIY bat bow! And you can wear them so many different ways! Along with my bat template, all you will need are a few tools and materials (listed below) to make your own! … More DIY Bat Bow

Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Since we couldn’t be with our Canadian family (we cannot wait to hug them again) we celebrated virtually. Just because we couldn’t be with them didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy all the yummy Canadian food I miss. So I put together a Canadian themed Thanksgiving menu and it was a hit! Colette … More Canadian Thanksgiving