Getting Organized in 2019 with Minimized

You all know Matlin from Minimized is my go to Charlotte home organizer. She did my closet last year and recently did Colette’s closet. She specializes in decluttering, reselling (which she made me over $200) organizing and styling any space!

2019 is all about decluttering and focusing on quality over quantity for me. I am owning the fact that I own a sustainable brand and I need to live and breathe that message. So I reached out to Matlin again. I asked her to share her favorite organizing supplies to help you and I kick 2019 in gear. Here’s a round up of some of her favorite organizing supplies

Cable Clips – Cords drive me absolutely insane, but they’re necessary. These are great at keep your cords in place!

Zippered Mesh Pouches – I use these for EVERYTHING! They’re great for holding receipts/coupons in a larger purse. I use them constantly for clients with playrooms – they’re the perfect alternative to game or puzzle boxes.

Acrylic Drawers – These are advertised as shoe drawers, but I use them all over the home. They’re perfect for any spaces where you need to fill vertical space, like under the sink or on open shelving.

Divided Lazy Susan- All lazy Susans are life changers, but these are particularly amazing since they are divided and deep! You can use them for in the office for writing utensils, in the kitchen for bakeware, in the fridge for condiments, or even in the bathroom for cleaning supplies or hair tools!

Acrylic Wall Rack – These are perfect for jewelry, belts, or even displaying awards. They blend into the wall and provide storage that isn’t an eyesore.  

Multipurpose Bins – These translucent bins are super affordable and can be used in so many different ways – I actually have a couple inside of my trunk organizer to give it divided sections. They’re also great for under the sink, office paper, or pantry storage.

Hangers – I have to add this one in, since closets are my absolute favorite. The most simple + affordable way to make a HUGE difference in your closet is to use matching hangers. These are my favorite, because they’re high quality and take up less space.

If you still need help or feel like you can’t take this all on by yourself, contact Matlin via her website or IG.

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