Neighborhood Art Window Walk

Yesterday was a rough day, we were all feeling a little overwhelmed and I was getting tired of seeing everyone’s perfect homeschooling sessions on social media. So today we are working on a different kind of project. We are making art work to put on our door for our Neighborhood Window Walk project. Scroll below so you can start your own!

We’re all practicing social distancing to keep ourselves, families, and community safe. We all might be starting to feel a little cabin fever at the moments so I’ve come up with a little way to help our communities. Let’s all start a neighborhood door walk!

Colette’s painting she will be hanging on our front door for the neighborhood window walk.

The idea is that when families are out on their daily walks or drives, they are able to play a little I-Spy/gallery walk with your child’s art work displayed on your door or window. Hopefully it will inspire them to make their own artwork or crafts.

Here are some coloring pages and craft ideas to get you started. Click here to download. I made all these designs on and there are many more in the package.

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