Modern Christmas Farmhouse DIY

It’s snowing outside and I can feel Christmas in the air! After making my spooky dollhouse DIY craft, my friend Miranada made spooky bird houses and it got me thinking. I need to make elf on the shelf homes with the bird houses! What’s great about these is that you can do them with the kiddos too.

We now have a new Christmas tradition. We had so much fun painting and decorating this Christmas bird house, we will definitely be doing it again next year! You’ll just need a few items to make this Elf on the Shelf home, modern Christmas village, or gift!


Bird House

White Paint

Black Paint

Red Paint

Mini Wreaths

Mini Fence

Wood Tree

Happy Holiday Sign

First put on some Christmas music and then get out your paint brushes! Let the kiddos help with the roof (the easiest part to paint) and then get working on the details. I decided to paint it like a modern farm house but there are so many other color combinations that you can do for the home. You can even paint it to match your house!

Once the paint dries, start decorating! We added small wreaths and other mini details to make it feel like the perfect home for when our elf on the shelf arrives. But you can find so many amazing different details at Michaels Stores.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for our next Christmas Birdhouse DIY. It’ll make you want to move to New England right away!



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