Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

Emily Fee

I love a good Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper project! And with the potential of the kiddos for two+ weeks, I thought why not share this one! With Easter around the corner, you’ll have plenty of time to get this project done with the kids.

Processed with stamp


Emily Fee


  1. Open your Canva page to fit the full 8 x 11 paper
  2. Resize your images or prints so that they will fit on your egg.
  3. Note: If you are writing names you will have to mirror your images so that they are reversed. When the images are printed and applied to your ornaments, they will appear the correct way.
  4. Download your Canva work when done.


  1. Load your temporary tattoo paper into your printer, making sure that the images will print on the glossy side.
  2. Send your beautiful images to print.
  3. Let the ink dry.


  1. Apply the adhesive sheet (that comes with your temporary tattoo paper) to the top of your printed images. You can do this by peeling away the green backing on one end, aligning it with the end of the printed tattoo paper. Now continue to peel and smooth the adhesive down to your printed tattoo paper.
  2. Smooth out any bubbles and rub the adhesive sheet to the images.
Add multiple for a pattern

Add to Tattoo

  1. Use your scissors to cut out the design, remember to stay very close to each image’s edge.
  2. For each tattoo, peel off the clear adhesive layer.
  3. Apply each tattoo image face down on to your white ornament, and cover with a wet cloth or sponge for 10-15 seconds until the white paper backing slides off easily.

And that’s it! You’ve made your own beautiful Easter Eggs with temporary tattoos! Don’t forget to tag me in your own projects on IG so I can see how beautiful they turned out!

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