DIY Dinosaur Dresser Pulls

Who thought adding Dollar Store dinosaurs to an Ikea dresser would make the perfect little boy bedroom piece?! This DIY will have you racing to the dollar store to make your dresser pull switch!

It seems like I’ve been doing a lot of dresser DIYs lately but this one might be my favorite so far! It’s cheap, easy, and adds so much personality with little effort. You’ll need very little and if you have a dresser with handles, it’ll be even easier!

For reference, this is the dresser we have. It’s simple and sturdy (& under $80). Since it doesn’t have any handles so we had to do just a few extra steps for the cute Dollar Store dinosaurs. Note: The plastic is softer and very forgiving if you end up needing to take a few tries to get the hole drilled out.

Note: We bought 4 inch but only needed 3 inch Round Head combos



  • Drill and drill bit 3/16-inch


Label each drawer (1, 2, 3) 

Layout the plastic toys and line them up how you want them appear on the dresser.

Determine which will be the backside of your knob and place a mark where you plan to drill the hole.

Note: If you are drilling holes in the dresser make sure to measure twice! We always make a notch drill mark first for both the dresser and plastic toy to help the drill stay on track.

With the drill bit, slowly drill into the piece.

After drilling the hole spray paint your pieces.

 Add a good amount of glue to the end of the bolt and begin to thread it into the piece.

Let the knob dry completely before attaching it to the drawer.

Hold the knob in place with a washer and nut.

Let dry and put the dresser back together! Let me know what you would put on your dresser and stay tuned because I might need to do a Christmas themed one!



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